Calling ALL Mesa Carriers! First Annual Spring Mesa Carrier Gathering

Come Together to Participate in: Global Ceremonies, Celebrations & Wisdom Teachings 

Join us in a sacred valley in Phoenecia, NY

Join our Amazing Gathering March 19–22, 2020

Come together with your tribe to: 

  • Celebrate our medicine
  • Plant seeds of intention for our earth in a Global Fire Ceremony for the Spring Equinox
  • Learn from Wisdom Keepers who have been walking with their Mesa Medicine for decades.
  • Nourish yourself as you tune into universal love and download a new level of Hampe Munay (the healing frequency of love)
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We're being called to create new maps with consciousness and love, to be of service to our Pachamama and the Cosmos. As a MESA CARRIER, you are deeply connected to the Hampe Munay (healing Love) that fills your personal healing bundle and connects you to the stone altars across time. ANSWER THIS CALL to sit with your tribe (allyu) and learn, play, and dream in this sacred valley (at Menla Mountain House in Phoenecia, NY) that is so very connected to the stars.  

Days will include: 

  • Morning practice and Meditation
  • Wisdom Workshops
  • Ceremonies & Celebrations for the Earth and her Elements
  • Spring Equinox Global Fire Vigil, planting seeds of our intentions to grow and heal  

YES! We are coming together ~ a Gathering of to share Wisdom 

We are EXCITED to Welcome you to Menla 

The FIRST 25 TO REGISTER receive a Gift from Peru. 

Your price: $397  


Here's a sample of what we'll be teaching and sharing...

Mesa Energetics with Joan Parisi Wilcox

We are stewards of our living mesas. What does that mean?  

  • What is the history of our mesa
  • What is our current state of relationship, what are the possibilities?  
  • Woven within this synergy of cloth and stone are the energetics of the Kawsay Pacha, our living energy universe. Experience this.  

Join Joan and learn the Andean Mysticism and the meaning/intent of our Mesa (misha in Quechua).

Creating Consciousness Shift with Heidi McBratney  

Together we will participate in the honoring and healing of humanity, Mother Earth and the Cosmos by creating new connections and maps of different planes and worlds  

  • We will experience how to open access to planes and worlds that have been waiting for us to discover.
  • We will learn the maps of new dimensions and planes, creating a trail for others.
  • We will offer healing and illumination for all of Creation.
  • We will have deepened our skills as explorers and map makers.  

GLOBAL VIGIL FIRE Celebrate Spring Equniox  

Working in circle with shaman from around the world brings a rich fullness of differing ideas and insights. It brings us back to our personal work and our understanding that as we shift, heal, and grow, we are part of the emerging awareness on Earth. 

This 2-day Global Vigil Fire will have pairs of tenders:

  • Each person has time as the key tender and sets the tone and the work of the Fire. 
  • Through the night different shaman tend the Fire. 
  • Continue the work through dreamtime, or find yourself called to the fire in the night.

CEREMONIES for the EARTH Using our Power to be of Service  

Using our Co-creating Power and Mesa gifts we will come together in tribes to make offerings to the Earth and Water, Air and Spirit.

MORNING Breath/Movement/Journeys with Julie Hannon

What we put into our consciousness first thing each morning shapes our entire world. Our bodies receive a huge cellular update when we engage in spiritual activity. Morning breath-centered meditation/movement sessions will focus on integration and receptivity, embodying and centering the wisdom so that we may share, offer, teach.  


You're in luck! We are offering a Valentine's Special!!! 

The FIRST 10 TO REGISTER this week receive a special Gift from Peru. 

Your price: $397


Last minute Registrations this week receive a Gift from Peru. 

Your price: $397